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Travelers Reviews

  • Tara Lyubicic
    My parents just got back from Iran with Amir and Hadi as their tour guides and here’s what they had to say! ‘My husband and I just came back from our incredible trip in Iran, Persia the country of diversity, modern cities, ancient historical sites and unique traditions. Everywhere we went, the people were very welcoming and kind. The cuisine was beautiful and healthy with the natural flavours of Persia. And colours! Rich but in harmony, spread over their mosques, rugs, fabrics and pottery. While people dressed in somber, natural colours and houses in smaller places, blended and melted into scenic landscapes. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this adventurous and educational trip and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting an authentic and enriching experience.’
    Tara Lyubicic
  • Jessica
    Iran is an exciting country with very nice people, old culture and wonderful nature . The company we used was irpersiatour . We were very happy with manager , who gives very professional help . he makes our trip outstanding . Next time we go, we want that Iran’s Travel organizes again our trip . This company is honest and also one of the cheapest for visiting Iran
  • Amana Sharif
    The team was very responsive to several emails from me asking questions, and also after my stay with my request to send my invoice to a different address. Everything was done efficiently and smoothly on their end, as well as by the property. All that was promised at the property was there, and it was a very good stay. Very professional, excellent for business travel, and would also be good for personal travel.
    Amana Sharif
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irPersiatour , Iranian Tour Operator and Travel Agency

Irpersiatour is an Iranian tour operator , which have started working in the two fields of tourism and medical tourism in Iran since January, 2016. We try to introduce Iran to you and make you a memorable time in this beautiful land. Irpersiatour as an Iranian travel agency, provides different Iran tour packages and a variety of medical packages for you. We divide our journeys into different categories, so You can find organized, collective and private tours according to your budget (Inexpensive, Medium and luxurious) and go for a memorable adventure during your trip to the beautiful Iran destinations. And If you need an Iran travel guide during your trip don't forget that you can travel to Iran with a tour guide using our packages. As Iran is a popular country in the field of medical tourism, at Irpersiatour, as an Iranian tour operator, we have tried our best to design worthwhile, efficient packages for you and collaborate with the best clinics and surgeons to give you the best medical services. Our services are planned and scheduled in advance. We adhere strongly to medical ethics and standards and use our international knowledge in the field of medical tourism in Iran to deliver cost-effective, timely, safe and quality services. Rhinoplasty and hairtransplant in Iran are two of the most popular surgeries among foreigners, you can find related packages in our page with a surprisingly low price! You can buy a rhinoplasty in Iran package with just 1450$!! guess how cheap you can have other surgeries in Iran!
What else does our team provide?
No matter which package you buy, all of our packages include transfers to airports, hotel reservation and tour guides. You also can expect us Iran visa service and travel insurance. Travel insurance isn’t just for expensive vacations, trips overseas or long journeys, It’s essential to buy travel insurance for every trip, because you never know what might happen when you’re far from home! Whether you’re flying for the holidays or planning the vacation, travel insurance can give you tranquility during your trip. Irpersiatour as an Iranian travel agency will get your travel insurance and get your visa application process done, no matter if you need an Iran visa on arrival or regular visas.