Isfahan, “Half of the world” and the most popular city among tourists. A place which everyone recommend you to visit at least once in your life.
Isfahan is the third populated city of Iran and full of historical monuments such as colorful mosques with magnificent embellishments, Minarets, Bridges and castles; maybe that’s the reason people call it “Half of the world”.
From the sound of horse hoofs on Naghsh-e Jahan pavements to the clamor of Zayandeh Roud, they’re telling the story of the city, listen with your heart and use your eyes as much as possible to record the beauty of this amazing city.

You can experience an amazing night in si-o-se-pol, when people are singing and dancing on the bridge or by the river and the river is singing it’s sayings under the blue sky.

“When I was visiting Isfahan Jame Mosque, the moment I stood under it’s beautiful dome I realized that my whole being is in conquering the dome and the mosque, because in that moment you can comprehend the deathless beauty of Iranian architecture and believe the greatness of the mosque and it’s dome.
From then on, I went to the Isfahan Jame mosque many times and as I watched the dome of the mosque,  I opened my mouth only to admire Iranian art and architecture and my love to Isfahan and Iran  increased. So by this reason I want to be buried in this city after my death.”

– Arthur Upham Pope

March 25, 2022
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Isfahan, Iran

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