Kashan, an authentic city in the north of Isfahan province, a city full of ancient buildings and beautiful villages.You can walk in the streets of this beautiful city and it seems the sun is beaming from the past.

People have different cultures and costumes in each part of this amazing city and in my opinion, the most attractive thing in this city is the way people dress. People who live in the city don’t wear local costumes but when you go a little far and arrive to  villages such as Abyaneh and Qamsar, you will face people in beautiful colorful dresses.
Though the city has been updated and you can see wide streets and apartments, but there are still many ancient houses, gardens and buildings in the city and you will see the old town’s texture, specially in the Southern parts of Kashan.

The underground city of Nooshabad, Fin garden, Ameri house, Tabatabaii house and all the other monuments in this city, they have stories to tell; from a man who discovered an amazing monument by accident to a magnificent house which was built by the reason of love.

June 26, 2021

Abyaneh | The beautiful Red Village

| Abyaneh is one of  Iran tourism attractions and the oldest village in Iran. Existence of the village returns 2,500 years ago. The word “Abyaneh”, comes from the word “viona” […]
April 12, 2021
Kashan city

Kashan city | Telling you beautiful stories about culture and history

About Kashan | Kashan is a small city located in Isfahan province, mostly known for It’s rose-water, silk and carpet. As Kashan city is on the main highway from Tehran […]