Tehran is telling story of people with different cultures and beliefs and the only person who can get this story well is the lover of it! A person knows and understands this amount of dissociation and diffuse identity.
If you listen well you can still hear the voices from the past in narrow alleys of Tajrish, you can see the grandeur of history in Azadi tower and feel the patience of the city while you’re walking on Tehran grand bazaar’s stone-pavements.
I see Tehran as a patient and beautiful woman, who stands powerful, no matter what everyone do to her, I see this beautiful city as colorful as a butterfly’s wing, you can see it too, you just have to listen to the voices.

From Golestan Palace buried between the modern disharmonious buildings of the modern city like a goddess to magnificent Saadabad and Niavaran palace, resting among the trees of Shemiran you can hear the city.
Visiting Tehran is recommended because of the existence of a crowded bazaar in downtown with stone-pavements, working as a time machine and taking you to the 20s.
Tehran, the capital of Iran is narrating the story of the past, present and future at the same moment, you just have to listen to the voices and visit it, not with your eyes but with your heart.

May 24, 2022
Tehran tourism attractions

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April 6, 2021
Golestan palace

Golestan palace | A masterpiece in the heart of Tehran

| Golestan palace, located in the center of Tehran between the modern disharmonious buildings of the modern city like a goddess. The foundation returns to Safavid era with a boulevard […]