Iranian Foods

Have you ever heard of how tasty Iranian foods are? Iranians are food and dessert lovers and that’s why we bet you’ll find many delicious dishes in Iran.
As Iran is a vast country with a variety of cultures you have many to  taste here! Every city have it’s own traditional food and you have a long journey at the tables!
Rice is one of the main elements in Iranian tables and you can see many things served with rice, in addition to the foods served with rice, you’ll find many other dishes without rice in them too, if you are a fan of tasty soups you can travel to the Turkish part of the country and if you are a sea food lover travel to the cities located on the coast of Caspian sea or Persian Gulf, If you like to eat meet in almost all of your dishes travel to the West and if you are a fan of tasty desserts travel city by city!
You can also find a lot of traditional drinks in Iran which will change season by season, most of them are a mixture of different tasty fruits together or sometimes they mix with some traditional Iranian medicine drinks which are also tasty, some things like rose water or Araq’e Na’na; These are distilled sweat from herbals.

February 1, 2021
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