Body Sculptutre in IRAN | If a person’s body is 20% or more bigger than the recommended ideal, they are called fat!
Unfortunately today, 2.1 billion or simpler to say, 30% of the world’s population are obese or overweight. The amount and type of fat in the human body that is needed for the health of the body is essential, but there is another type of fat that will be stored in the organs and viscera of the body and if it accumulate too much inside the body, it can develop diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension, which can be severely reduced even with regular exercise and a good diet.

Topical fats are a problem that many people are dealing with. Some of these fats are highly resistant and will not be eliminated by exercising or dieting. Body sculpture is a good way to remove these excess fats and get to the ideal shape. Body sculpturing methods works for eliminating topical fats from different areas of the body, from the abdomen, flank, thigh, hip to chin and double chin.
common types of weight-loss surgery are:


Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding

Sleeve gastrectomy


Duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion

And the most common ways are liposculpture and liposuction.

Liposuction, or simply lipo, evolved from work in the late 1960s from surgeons in Europe using techniques to cut away fat, which were limited to regions without many blood vessels due to the amount of bleeding the technique caused.
In the mid-1970s two Italian gynecologists created the technique of using a blunt cannula linked to suction; they used it only to remove fat on the outer thighs.
Laser sculping or laser lipo lysis is one of the newest techniques to treat and relieve local obesity. Laser sculpture is a low-cost method of removing topical obesity in areas such as the arm, abdomen and the thighs. Pre-lasers were with 46mpx and were weak, with the lack of daintiness; so you couldn’t get the ideal result you had in mind. But with the advent of smart lipo lasers with 46mpx watts, the laser technique is widely used by clinics and patients.

You can find many clinics in Iran which have all the needed equipments to perform the body sculpturing with any method you feel more comfortable with. And also, you can find experienced surgeons who can make your ideal look possible.

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