Rhinoplasty Befor After in IRAN

Rhinoplasty in IRAN | The operation of reshaping or resizing the nose is called nose job or rhinoplasty. The shape of nose is something congenital and it changes through aging, the tip of nose and skin will lose itself and the imperfections show themselves. So when science and technology give us the chance of looking better, why to lose this chance?
With a Rhinoplasty you can change your look and fix the problems you have with breathing.

As you know we are talking about your look, something that can give or ruin your self confidence. Rhinoplasty is a very precise surgery which the surgeon should be experienced and quick, with a complete knowledge of human body, specifically face, and it’s proportions to see what shape of knows will fix your breathing and septum problems and also look well on your face and he/she should be experienced enough to give you the result which you have seen in the 3D models of your face during the consultation sessions.

Iranian surgeons have different experiences in long term time, because of high nose job demand. You should choose responsible doctors who value your time, money and the maybe most important thing in your life!
Today Iran has been ranked first in nose job field and known as the capital of nose job in the world due to the large amount of requests.
In addition to experienced surgeons, the low cost of this surgery, due to the economic problems the country have, is one of the main reasons that people from all over the world travel to Iran and want to perform their surgery with Iranian surgeons. Regular nose job cost in Iran is 80% less than in the United States (including all fees), 60% less than in Australia, 50% less than in Germany, 40% less than in Mexico, and 30% less than in India.
A well-performed primary nose job would cost something between $1500 and $2500 in Iran, the price depends on the doctor, hospital, clinic’s fees and other factors
We may have to say Iranian’s favorite cosmetic surgery is rhinoplasty! and due to the result of the statics, near 95 percent of the patients (Iranians and foreigners) are fully happy about the result of their surgery. So we can completely agree on the fact that you can find experienced surgeons in Iran and don’t be wirried if the result is going to fulfill you or not.

To choose the best surgeon, you can search about their experiences. Investigate the expertise of them and nose jobs they have done and Search if they have a degree in the respective field.
There are two expert groups for rhinoplasty in Iran:

  • Physicians who have plastic surgery expertise.
  • Physicians who have ear and nose expertise.

Irpersiatour as a tourism and medical tourism agency, tries to collaborate with the best surgeons and clinics to make the changes you have in mind possible.
Here you can see the surgeons we work with and the result of the surgeries they have performed.