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Medical tourism in IRAN | Cosmetic dentistry includes everything you do in order to improve your teeth’s conditions. Among all deeds, dental implant is the most popular one.

A dental implant is a way to replace the missing tooth with something very close and similar to natural. It contains 3 parts, implant, abutment and crown; after examinations the doctor will fix the implant (the rooty part) it takes 4 to 6 month till they place the crown.
The fixture will prevent the jawbone from getting digested.
In 1952 an orthopedist surgeon called Branemark found out that bones can grow around titanium and after 13 years of tests and investigations finally the first implant was accomplished.
Actually first implants return to ancient Egypt and China, when they used bamboo or valuable metals instead of the missing teeth.

May 3, 2022
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