Infertility Treatment

Medical Tourism in IRAN | Infertility is a situation in which a couple is unable to get pregnant maximum after 1 year of having consistent, unprotected sex. When we use the word “couple” ,  there is no difference between women and men and infertility can affect both of them. In case of female infertility, a woman is diagnosed as infertile if without having control she was not successful in getting pregnant. On the other hand, male infertility is a case in which a man has low amount of sperm or his sperm are not healthy enough or does not have the mobility to combine with a woman’s egg.

Iran ranks between the top 10 countries in infertility treatment (IVF, IVM, IMSI, ICSI, etc) field.
Royan institute was founded in 1990, with the purpose of treating infertile patients and research on infertility. It is consisted of three institutes and two specialized service centers. The center has managed the first IVF birth in 1993 and first frozen embryo birth in 1996.

February 21, 2021
ivf in Iran

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February 9, 2021

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