IRAN Economic Classic Tour Package 12 days in Iran

Iran has many historical attractions that anyone interested can visit them with our packages.
If your budget is limited and you are interested in visiting the major attractions of Iran meaning cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan and Kashan, our 12-day Iran Economic Classic Tour Package can be a suitable choice for your itinerary in Iran.
If you are interested in historical attractions, nature, food, handicrafts and observing the Iranian lifestyle, this trip will be memorable for you.

Visa fees – $60 per person. These fees are subject to change


Depending on the type of package and city you choose
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  • Day 1

    Check in, Our guide is waiting to greet and transfer you to the hotel.
  • Day 2 Tehran

    Golestan Complex (Marble Throne, Karimkhani Nook, Nasserdin shah tombstone, Salam salon& Wind catcher salon) a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE (Two Palaces) Literally the name means the Roseland Palace, is the former royal Qajar complex. The oldest of the historic monuments in Tehran , National garden Gate, Mashgh Square, National museum, ( Lunch) ,30 tir Street, Enghelab Street, Nature bridge,(dinner/ Persian dinner and life style)
  • Day 3 Tehran - Qom

    Sa’adabad Complex (white house& green palace), Tajrish Bazaar, Darband (Lunch) Heading to Qom,Hoz Soltan Lake, Masoume holy shrine, Hotel check in, (dinner)
  • Day 4 Kashan - Abyaneh

    Driving to Kashan, Fin garden (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE) which was first planted during the Safavid period and kept alive with water from the nearby Sulaimanieh Spring. This beautiful garden was expanded by the Zand and Qajar monarchs, with many open pavilions added, Tabatabae traditional House, Kashan Bazaar (lunch), Heading to Abyane, Abyaneh Village with its architectural style entirely in red clay, a small village hidden away in the Karkas Mountains and an Iranian Cultural Heritage Site. The village was originally settled by Zoroastrians fleeing the Arab invasion of Persia and is very traditional with winding alleys of red-mud brick houses adorned with lattice woodwork and balconies. The people of Abyaneh have preserved their ancient culture and traditions over the centuries and dress in colourful clothes (Viona hotel/lunch), driving to iran`s greatest city, Isfahan. Hotel check in (dinner)
  • Day 5 Isfahan

    Zayandeh river bridges (33 bridge& khajoo) Vank Church (lunch/Zagros) , Menar jonban, ,40 soton (dinner/Shabneshin)
  • Day 6 Isfahan - Yazd

    Naghsh-e jahan square Complex (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage) which was built in 16th century and has four monuments at its dimensions (Sheykhlotfola mosque which is a masterpiece of Iranian and Islamic architectures ,Shah mosque that was built during the Safavid period and it is one of the everlasting masterpieces of architecture in Iran , Gheysariyeh (buying souvenir) (lunch) Road to Yazd hotel check in (dinner)
  • Day 7 Yazd

    Fahadan (historical city context) set out on a walking tour visiting the Jameh Mosque, notable for its fine mosaics and beautiful exterior. From here you are ideally placed to explore the older parts of the city, which are some of the oldest on Earth according to UNESCO. Walk the narrow kuches (lanes), past simple courtyards and the ornate doors of the mud brick buildings. One of the most distinctive features of Yazd are the wind towers (‘badgirs’) that capture even the softest of breezes and send them to the buildings below in a forerunner of modern air-con, (lunch/Saryazd Carvansaray) ,Water museum shows how the quants (underground water channels) brought water to the city from the mountains for thousands of years,Amirchakhmagh square and buying souvenir, free time (dinner)
  • Day 8 Yazd

    Fahraj (Mosque, Alexander custody, historical house,12 imam monument) or Karanagh & Meybod (lunch) Zoroastrian fire place ,Dowlatabad garden UNESCO World Cultural Heritage) one of the historical Persian garden with wind tower (dinner)
  • Day 9 Yazd - Marvdasht - Shiraz

    driving to Marvdasht, Marvdasht (Perspolis) in the heart of the fabled Persian Empire. Once one of the greatest architectural wonders of the ancient world , Naqsh-e Rustam Necropolis of the Achaemenes, it was founded by Darius the Great, who made it his capital in 518 BC (Lunch ) driving to Shiraz, Qoran gate, hotel check in (dinner) Shiraz night
  • Day 10 Shiraz

    Haffeziye (Tomb of Hafez a great Persian poet), Sa’adi tomb, Nasir mosque from Qajar era which includes extensive colored glass in its façade; it is also named the Pink Mosque, due to the usage of considerable pink color tiles for its interior design, Narenjestan (a traditional and historical house in Shiraz, dated back to Qajar era), ( Lunch) Agha baba khan school, Eram garden, Shah cheragh shrine the Holy Shrine of Ali Ebne Hamzeh (you will visit this shrine from inside) (dinner)
  • Day 11 Shiraz

    Arg of Karim Khan, Vakil complex (Hamm am, bazaar, mosque) this mosque was built between 1751 and 1773, during the Zand period. Vakil means regent, which was the title used by Karim Khan, the founder of Zand Dynasty (Lunch) Mooshir bazaar
  • Day 12

    Check out (Early morning hotel check out and group transfer to airport for flight back home)