IRAN Pilgrimage Tour | 10 amazing days in Iran

IRAN Pilgrimage Tour is designed perfectly by irpersiatour team for you, in order to have the opportunity to visit religious sights of Iran. This tour starts in Mashhad and it'll be over in Qom! This tour Includes guide and transfer; you can have a 10 day journey in Iran visiting Imam Reza and Fatima Masoumeh shrine. Both shrines are alluring and are built in Iranian architecture style. IRAN Religious Tour also includes accommodation in a hotel and also an expert guide, meals, transfer, etc.
In Mashhad, in addition to Imam Reza shrine, you also get to visit Goharshad mosque, the library and museum of the Imam Reza shrine. And also, there are Jamkaran, and many other beautiful mosques in Qom; such as Qom.
Jamkaran mosque is considered as one of the religious sights of Qom city. The mosque is near Mont Élie and you can plan to visit both sites in a day. Decorations of the mosque were made during the Qajar period, including seven-color brick tiles, ornamented by Islamic motifs with gold-and-azure watercolor and an inscription of brick and adorned tiles with Jom’e Sura on it. The altar is beautifully and artistically decorated, and the art masters have adorned them with plastered mahogany coverings and inscriptions with Thultha writings on them.
Follow us and explore the history of Ancient Persia and the attractions of the new Iran. Discover magnificent mosques, small mountain villages, colorful gardens, and gain deeper insight into this ancient land.
Some of the most valuable examples of Middle Eastern architecture and design are found in Iran; including the magnificent Persepolis, the dazzling Islamic centers at Isfahan and Shiraz, and beautifully-crafted gardens set in desert. All are waiting for you to visit.


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  • Day 1 Mashhad

    Arrive in Mashhad Check in, Our guide is waiting to greet and transfer you to the hotel. Welcome dinner outside the hotel
  • Day 2 Mashhad

    Imam Reza`s holy shrine / Astan-e-Qods museum (Every year, more than a million people visit Astan Quds Razavi museum, one of the largest museums in Iran. Access to this museum is very simple and by visiting it in the heart of the Imam Reza (AS) Shrine you can see various fascinating collections of historic and artistic works) (Lunch) Free time / Buying souvenir (Dinner/ Hotel)
  • Day 3 Mashhad

    Imam Reza`s holy shrine / (road to Torgabeh (lunch)) optional (Dinner / Hotel)
  • Day 4 Mashhad

    Imam Reza`s holy shrine (Lunch) Pilgrimage farewell (Dinner)
  • Day 5 Mashhad - Rasht - Ramsar

    Road to Ramsar (Optional) Or Fly to Rasht Road to Ramsar/Visiting Lahigan`s Sheytankooh (Lunch) Hotel check in (Dinner)
  • Day 6 Ramsar

    Hot springs/ Ramsar palace museum (This ornately furnished 1937 building, set in a walled garden, was once the summer palace of Reza Shah. Gilded, over-the-top rooms mix guillotine-era French furniture with distinctly Persian motifs of cheetahs and fine carpets. Check out the rampaging golden beasts on the side of the dinner tray. However, the building is best remembered for hosting the 1971 signing of the Ramsar Convention, an international treaty for the protection and conservation of the world's wetlands.) (Lunch) Dalkhani forest (Dalkhani is a village which is one the environs of central region of Ramsar. It is located at 30 km of south east of Ramsar in rural district of Chehel Shahid. If you intended to have a travel to a virgin and autumn nature of north forests) (Dinner/ Hotel)
  • Day 7 Ramsar

    Beach recreation (Optional) Ramsar Cable car/ enjoy the landscape / Zipline(Recreational amenities include Accommodation and recreational complex Ramsar green city is very diverse. Kart track, playground for paintball, Club Marine and jet skis, musical waterfront, water view, water, fire, parks and pavilions coastal forest Aylmyly the design of sports and leisure travelers as well as residents of the complex for the city. Other attractions of this collection are the largest city in northern Iran, the modern game land area of two hectares.The most famous designs of this series, lifts Ramsar is the biggest lifts from the Caspian coast has a length of 2 km along the forested highlands has been created by the private sector. Its capacity is 50 cabins and can carry 450 people per hour.)(Lunch)Free time/ Buying Souvenir(Dinner/ Hotel)
  • Day 8 Ramsar - Qom

    Drive to Qom (Lunch in the local restaurant, en-route) Resting at hotel (Dinner)
  • Day 9 Qom

    City tour of Qom (Lunch) Masoumeh holy shrine (Dinner)
  • Day 10

    check out (Transfer to Imam Khomeini international airport for flight back home)