There are many ways to define Medical Tourism, which is also known as Medical Travel, Surgical Tourism, Health Tourism, Health Travel, Health care Abroad, Medical Overseas, Overseas Surgery, Medical Outsourcing and Offshore Medical.

-Benefits of medical tourism in Iran:
-The best medical facilities in accredited hospitals with latest technologies
-Low cost of treatment compared to developed countries like U.S., UK and Australia
-You get the opportunity to travel to Iran and combine your medical treatment abroad while enjoying your vacation

Our services are planned and scheduled in advance. We adhere strongly to medical ethics and standards and use our international knowledge in the field of medical tourism in Iran to deliver cost-effective, timely, safe and quality services. In fact, we cater to all the nuances of medical tourism and guide you through every step.Also we examine your medical condition comprehensively and suggest a customized mixture of hospitals, clinics and top surgeons.