Hair Transplant in IRAN

Hair Transplant in iran , No doubt that hair loss is one of the most upsetting things that could happen in a person’s life. People who suffer from severe fast hair loss look way older than those with the same age with no hair loss. This could cause depression and lack of self-confidence. That’s because they think having hair equals beauty, youth and self-confidence. Hair loss can have many different causes such as hormone imbalance, blood pressure, Thyroid or it can be in your genes. In such cases people go for the best solution and the only permanent one, hair transplant surgery.

With today’s highly skillful Iranian surgeons, performing numerous cosmetic and medical surgeries with a significant rate of success, there is no need to worry for those who want to enjoy a more pleasing look.

You once again have the opportunity to enjoy a full head of permanent hair, at an incredibly low price. In fact, Iran is one of the leading countries in the world for hair transplant.
irPersiatour as an Iranian medical tourism provider can help you to connect to the best hair transplant clinics.
With highly-experienced hair transplant surgeons and state-of-the-art technologies used in hospitals and cosmetic clinics across the country (largely based in major cities such as Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz, Isfahan, Kish, etc.) coupled with affordable prices and high quality medical tourism services, Iran is prepared to offer foreign hair transplant candidates a very enjoyable experience of hair restoration treatment.
At Irpersiatour we have searched and found the best clinics and most experienced surgeons to give you the best medical services with the best possible price in Iran and make what is your ideal look, happen.

Hair transplant in IRAN & world Cost

Turkey $ 2300 Germany $ 5000
India$ 2000 UK $ 6100
Thailand $ 2600IRAN$ 600

2 nights and 3 days in a hotel near the hospital
T-Visa ( Treatment Visa ):
Visa authorization code
Transfer :
Airport pick-up
Transfer from hotel to clinic/hospital and vice versa
Airport drop off
Other services :
Full board
24 hours on-call assistance
Depending on what treatments you are travelling for, you might want a day tour in-between treatment sessions or to add on a more extended holiday after your treatments.
Hairtransplant package in Tehran cost : 600$

Hotel / Transfer/ Full board / Visa
We offer the best hairtransplant package in Tehran at the most affordable prices. Our hairtransplant in Tehran includes hotel, pick up, clinic and transfer. Get your confidence back with the irpersiatour team at Iran for Cosmetic Surgery.

Items included in the nose surgery package :
Hair transplant:
Clinic and doctor’s visits
medical tests and check-up
medical photography
hair transplant in hospital (with FUE/FIT method combined with FUT )
post-operative care
recovery and follow-up

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1Is hair transplant temporary or permanent?
The hair is usually planted in the part of the head, which is more resistant to wrinkles. Your new transplanted hair will be gray as the time goes by, but usually slower than your original hair. But you should keep in mind that aging may cause a lot of changes in your face and even your hair.
2How much hair transplant cost in Iran?
When you are researching hair transplant in Iran, the first thing you find interesting is its price. You will quickly notice the huge difference in the price of this surgery in Iran compared to other countries. This prices start from 600$!!!.
3Is hair transplant painful?
You will not notice any pain during surgery, and this is due to local anesthesia. But until a few days after surgery, you may feel pain in the scalp, and this depends on the conditions of your surgery and the volume of hair you have planted. Sometimes a doctor may prescribe painkillers
4Is this surgery worth doing?
You should consider that planting the hair is the last step in the treatment of hair loss. It costs less for the rest of the treatments, and this is due to its one-time procedure. There is no need for repeating the process, consuming any medications, or sticking to specific maintenance.
5What are the complications of hair transplant?
There are, some side effects that may happen to you, they include bleeding, infection, swelling, itching, inflammation, and sudden loss of new hair. However, none of these complications is permanent and, if observed, the Symptoms will be completely solved by prescribing drugs.

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