Let's see what is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, which is commonly known as a nose job, is a surgery performed in order to correct nasal problems under general or local anesthesia. Most surgeries are performed under local anesthesia so that the patient won’t feel any pain during the surgery. The surgery is permanent and after six month to one year you can see the complete surgical outcome.

This surgery is one of the most popular and beloved procedures for many people, especially the younger ones. One of the organs that is highly regarded in the field of beauty is the nose. For this reason, if we look at the statistics, we will see that rhinoplasty is much more popular than other cosmetic surgeries.
Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, which is performed to beautify the nose and eliminate its defects. Many patients who have rhinoplasty, do it so they can simply make their nose more beautiful.
In addition to beautifying the nose, a rhinoplasty can treat deviations, polyps, fractures, crookedness and nasal septum. The number of people who need rhinoplasty is increasing daily. One of the reasons is not because of diseases related to the nose, but more because of the increasing influence of cosmetic procedures among people.

What are the different models of rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty divides into three general categories according to the effect it leaves on the nose:
1. Natural nose job surgery: In a natural nose job, you just correct the defects of the nose and keep it as natural as possible. In some cases, it isn’t even recognizable that the person have had a rhinoplasty.
2. Fantasy nose job surgery: Fantasy nose job is one of the most popular models of rhinoplasty. Nose job performed to reduce the size of the nose is a fantasy nose job. In this type of rhinoplasty, the surgeon must be expertise and skillful. Shrinking the size of the nose can cause breathing problems. On the other hand, this change in size and increase in the tip of the nose changes the angle between the nose and the lips. If this change in angle is large, the nose becomes pig-like and in addition to respiratory problems, it is not beautiful.
3. Semi-fantasy nose job surgery: A Semi fantasy nose job can be described as something between a natural and fantasy nose job. In this type of rhinoplasty the defects are removed and also the surgeon will make a slight change in the shape of the tip of the nose.

How many ways are to operate a nose?

In general surgeons operate the nose in two ways, which are: open and closed nose job. An open nose job is a method of rhinoplasty in which the surgeon make incisions inside and outside the nostrils. So they are able to remove the skin completely from the bone. In open nose job, the surgeon can make more changes and can make the necessary changes with a better view of the bone. In the closed nose job, the surgeon creates a few small incisions inside nostrils so that the skin can work on the bones and cartilage and take the necessary steps. Because in this method the doctor’s vision is limited.
Also it has more limited access to different parts; so it is necessary to perform rhinoplasty in a closed method by a specialist surgeon and carbald to create the desired result. This method is mostly done for minor tasks.

What are the side effects of rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a safe surgical procedure, but like any other surgery, problems are likely to occur. The most common risks of this nose job are infection, reaction to anesthesia, and excessive bleeding. There is also a very low probability that the person will need secondary surgery in the future. However, the probability of all these complications is very low and if the surgeon is experienced and experienced, these cases will not occur. So please consider searching before choosing your surgeon in order to prevent a secondary rhinoplasty or any trouble.
To choose the best surgeon, you can search for their experiences. Investigate the expertise of them and nose job surgeries they have done. Keep in mind to search if they have a degree in the respective field. There are two expert groups for rhinoplasty in Iran:
• Nose surgeons who have plastic surgery expertise.
• Nose surgeons who have ear and nose expertise.

What should you do before and after a nose job?

Before rhinoplasty, the surgeon sets realistic expectations for surgery. He determines what aspect needs to be corrected and selects the most appropriate method based on the patient's expectations. The most important thing for the patient to do is not to use blood thinners such as aspirin and ibuprofen so that excessive bleeding does not occur after surgery. If a person smokes, it is recommended that they quit smoking at least one month before the operation and continue smoking for up to a month after the operation. Smoking slows down the healing process and prolongs the recovery period. This may be the best time to quit smoking.
The first 24 hours after the surgery is the most difficult time for a person to recover. During this time, the effects of anesthetics have not disappeared and you may experience headache, swelling, bruising and bleeding. It’s better to stay in bed and rest and if you are about to use painkillers only use ones recommended by your specialist.
To ease your recovery during this time, put some extra pillows under your head while you are sleeping or resting. Consult with your specialist if you wanted to take a shower. Use a cold compress around your eyes and nose at least 24 hours after the surgery in order to decrease swelling and bruises.
Eat mixed food and liquids for at least 24 hours after the surgery, avoid eating anything that needs to be chewed and putting salt in your food. Cough and sneeze with an open mouth in order not to put any pressure on your nose. Drink and eat ingredients that will help decreasing bruises such as pineapple, celery and aloevera juice. And avoid lowering your head or lifting heavy objects for the first few weeks, as well as strenuous exercise.

Let's find out about rhinoplasty in Iran!

Rhinoplasty in Iran is ranked first and many people know Iran as the capital of nose job in the world! It's good to know that rhinoplasty in Iran costs about 80% less than USA and 60% less than UK. As Iranian nose surgeons have a lot of experience in the field of nose job and rhinoplasty is performed in most big cities of Iran, you have a lot of options. You can choose the city you want to perform nose job surgery based on your personal interests like the weather of the city, the services you can get in each city, the price and your surgeon.
If you are so keen on the experience of the nose surgeon and the success rate of rhinoplasty in Iran, Tehran and Shiraz are the most famous cities of Iran in the field of nose job. In this cities of Iranyou can easily rely on your specialist and don’t be worried about the results of your nose job.

9 out of 10 patients who perform rhinoplasty in Iran, are very happy of their result; and always talk about their experience of having rhinoplasty in Iran as the best experience they have had.
Have you ever thought with yourself, why you see many people traveling to Iran for operating cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty? What is so special about Iran? Well, Iranians are so willing to operate cosmetic surgeries, specially Rhinoplasty! And this amount of demand has led to experienced nose surgeons. Iranian surgeons are so subtle and skillful and you have a variety of options if you choose to have rhinoplasty in Iran.
The most important reason that people are traveling from all over the world to have rhinoplasty Iran is the success rate of the nose job surgeries, as we said before.
But the prices always surprise everyone! Because you can get high quality medical services and a perfect rhinoplasty with a really low price; and the reason is only “economic problems” . Due to the sanctions and the economic problems in Iran. the value of money has decreased in recent years; so it’s just about the differences between the value of money!

due to the fact that Iranian Rial has a lower value that some currencies such as USD, Canadian & Australian Dollar, Pound Sterling and Euro, rhinoplasty in Iran costs much less than it costs in European countries, Canada, USA or Australia.
So, who doesn’t like to get a perfect rhinoplasty with cheap price? I think the answer would be nobody!
But does all the advantages of rhinoplasty in Iran sums up in skillful nose surgeons and having nose job in Iran with a cheap price?
Well, of course the answer is no! As you know Iran is such a vast country with beautiful attractions that you may not anything like them in no other place in the world. So in other words we can say that by having nose job in Iran, you are going to have an amazing vacation too! It doesn’t matter with city you choose for having a nose job in Iran, all the cities have their amusing tourism attractions, tasty food and amazing culture that will surprise you! So, if you are ever going to travel in order to have rhinoplasty in Iran prepare yourself to go sight seeing and have a wonderful time during your recovery time in Iran.
And don’t forget that Iranians are such hospitable people and show a lot of interest in tourist. They want to show all the kindness in the world to those who have came to visit Iran! And due to this prestige of them, if you got invited by a completely strange Iranian to have dinner with them don’t be so surprised!
For the last record, don’t forget to check out the gorgeous Iranian souvenirs and buy some if you ever traveled to have nose job in Iran.
Cost1450 $ - 1800 $2700 $4000 $5800 $8500 $

How much does rhinoplasty in Iran cost?

The cost of doing rhinoplasty in Iran is divided to hospital and surgeon fees. It is changeable based on case and nasal specialist’s opinion.
But we can say that a regular rhinoplasty in Iran costs between 1500$ – 2500$. This price is 80% less than what a nose job costs in the United States (including all fees), 60% less than in Australia, 50% less than in Germany, 40% less than in Mexico, and 30% less than in India.
The price of a well performed rhinoplasty in Iran depends on the surgeon, hospital, clinic’s fees and other factors. A revision rhinoplasty cost is normally higher than a primary one.

Rhinoplasty in Tehran
You can perform a rhinoplasty surgery in Tehran with a price around 1999$. Tehran is the capital city, so you have various options about where to perform the surgery, where to stay and other services. Everything is going to be near you and more surgeons are available in Tehran.

Rhinoplasty in Shiraz
The price in the other big cities like Shiraz, can be different than Tehran because of the hospital fees and clinic’s fees. So if you are willing to perform a rhinoplasty in Shiraz, you can click here or on the picture below, to consult with our specialists and get more information.
Shiraz is a proud city in all medical fields in Iran, and many patients choose it as their first destination in Iran. Sometimes it's because of the better price they offer in the city (still the price depends on many factors, sometimes it can be cheaper and sometimes it can be more expensive than Tehran) or sometimes it's because patients want to visit historical monuments and beautiful gardens of this beautiful city. So you can have the opportunity of tourism in addition to medical tourism in Shiraz!
As the city has many options in the field of medical services, even some surgeons fly back and force from Tehran and other cities to perform surgeries in Shiraz.
Accommodation :
7 nights and 8 days in hotel near the hospital

T-Visa (Treatment Visa) :
Visa authorization code

Airport pick-up,
Transfer from hotel to clinic / hospital and vice versa
Airport drop off

Other services:
Full board
24 hours on-call assistance

nose surgery package in Tehran cost :
Hotel / Transfer/ Full board / Visa
We offer the best rhinoplasty package in Tehran at the most affordable prices. Our nose surgery in Tehran includes hotel, pick up, clinic and transfer. Get your confidence back with rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, with the irpersiatour team at Iran for Cosmetic Surgery. Our talented and experienced rhinoplasty surgeons can improve a variety of common concerns about the external appearance of the nose, as well as some concerns about anatomical configuration and internal function.

Items included in the nose surgery package :
Nose Surgery:
Clinic and doctor visits
laboratory tests
medical photography
nose surgery in hospital
post-operative care
recovery and follow-up

Nose surgeon for Rhinoplasty in IRAN

A lot of beautiful nose job surgeries are performed annually by skillful surgeons. This indicates that Iranian beauty surgeons have gained excellent professional experience. Many cosmetic surgeons daily perform several Rhinoplasty surgeries in Iran.
The rate of Iranian nose activity in any beauty center is several times higher than in other countries. The Iranian nose job surgeries are very popular among young people, both male and female; and it has been rising for two decades.

Why should you pay attention and be accurate in choosing a nose surgeon?

An unskillful nose surgeon can create an ugly and awkward form. In this case you have to have a secondary rhinoplasty and let’s face it, It may not fix all the problems! A surgeon who does not have complete mastery of surgical techniques can disrupt the shape of the nose; or shape the nose to fit the organs of the face. Each type of nose shape requires special surgical skills that are not easily acquired. For example, fleshy nose job is particularly sensitive and can only be handled by experienced people. Or the fancy nose job; if it’s done wrong, creates a pig shape that not only is not beautiful but also looks very ugly.
Also an unsuccessful rhinoplasty by a non – specialist may cause respiratory problems and we all know that if you even correct the awkward shape of the nose made by them, you may not correct the breathing problem they gave you.
To see if a nose surgeon is skillful enough or not, you can check if they have plastic surgery expertise or have ear and nose expertise. Also don’t forget to check out their portfolio and even talk to their previous patients if it is possible.
Persiatour team tries it’s best to design best packages for you and connect you to the most skillful surgeons and best clinics in Iran.

Contact Us For Nose Surgery Package In IRAN

Send your request now to WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram / Imo number (+98)9373848510 or E-Mail Info@irpersiatour.com and ask questions about the treatment you have in mind to receive our physician's answer. You can also click on the button below and fill out the form.


The complexities of a secondary rhinoplasty

Scar tissues form around the nose after primary rhinoplasty. If the rhinoplasty technique is open, this is far more severe. Damage to the soft tissues of the nose causes the skin to weaken and thin. The skin may become thinner and cannot cover these problems.
Primary rhinoplasty helps to reduce the tissue of the nose and its structure. But there is a need for a lot of support to support the nasal tissue. Every time nose job is performed, restrictions are increased in this area. Recurrent rhinoplasty can weaken the supportive tissue of the nose.
Also a secondary rhinoplasty even costs more than the first one; so because of the limitations on the number of rhinoplasty procedures, you need to keep in mind that if you want to do this surgery for the first time, be sure to go to an expert surgeon to check all the nasal shortcomings and once the surgery will get you waiting for a perfect nose.
Of course, due to the age of the patient and the shape and anatomy of the nose, it may not be possible to create any shape for the nose and it is not possible to reach the desired result even in the initial surgery, but as much as possible, it is tried to create an ideal and proportionate shape for the nose. Also, respiratory problems are resolved.

If the results of a rhinoplasty wasn’t satisfactory, up to how many times can you have a rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty requires pre-arranged planning. If rhinoplasty is not successful and the person is not satisfied with the outcome of the surgery after one year, patients apply for secondary rhinoplasty. This reconstructive rhinoplasty requires great care and it's challenges are far greater than the initial surgery.
In primary rhinoplasty, the nose surgeon examines the problems of the nose and based on the anatomy, make the best and most appropriate changes for the nose. Changes in primary rhinoplasty are more predictable. But in reconstructive rhinoplasty, the anatomy of the nose has changed; so it makes it more difficult for the nose surgeon to change the appearance of the nose.
So we can say that it is not possible to expect perfect results even in a reconstructive rhinoplasty and due to this fact, you need to keep in mind that if you want to have rhinoplasty for the first time, be sure to see a qualified nose surgeon to check for all the shortcomings of the nose.

Does the type of your nose make a difference in the result of your rhinoplasty?

The type of the nose divides into two kinds of bony and fleshy. Each nose has it’s features. A person with a bony nose has a strong cartilage and nasal septum, the tip of the nose is a sharp nose and the skin of the nose is bony and there are far fewer sebaceous glands under the skin. People who have this type of nose perform nose surgery to eliminate the arch and protrusion on the nose and its deviation. Unlike the bony nose, people who have a fleshy nose has a soft cartilage and the tip of their nose is thicker and fallen.
Rhinoplasty on a bony nose is easier and the nose surgeon can cut and shape the nasal septum more easily than a fleshy nose. But this doesn’t mean that the result of rhinoplasty will be good only if you have a bony nose!
Rhinoplasty on fleshy noses are a little more difficult and you may not be able to have any kind of rhinoplasty if you have a fleshy nose. For example if you have a fleshy nose and are planning to have a fantasy rhinoplasty, after consulting with your specialist you may find out that the result may not be good and you might have to settle down for a semi – fantasy rhinoplasty or even a natural rhinoplasty.
A rhinoplasty on fleshy noses are a little complicated and a bit hard! In this method, rhinoplasty is performed with the strength of the cartilage of the tip of the nose. The nose surgeon will remove part of the cartilage on the nasal septum and place it on the tip of the nose. This makes the tip of the nose stronger and it does not fall down after a while.
If the nose surgeon diagnoses, he/she can remove the sebaceous glands under the skin a little so that they can give a better shape to the nose. So the result of a fleshy nose operation will be very satisfactory. Only after a fleshy nose job you should stick to your nose for a longer period of time than a bony nose to help shape it.


1Is rhinoplasty permanent or temporary?
Of course, rhinoplasty is a permanent surgery. After six months to one year, you can see a complete surgical outcome after nasal swelling. And it will never change, Unless something happens to your nose.
2Is rhinoplasty painful?
Since rhinoplasty is performed in anesthetized state, the patient will not feel any pain during the surgery. The degree of pain after regaining consciousness varies from person to person. Many people do not suffer from any pain after rhinoplasty. The amount of pain depends on the patient's tolerance and the medication used, but often the pain during recovery time after a rhinoplasty is very slight.
3Is rhinoplasty dangerous?
It cannot be said intermittently that rhinoplasty has no complications. Possible risks of nose job surgeries may include: Nasal permanent numbness, Difficulty breathing, Unpleasant nose shape. Choosing an appropriate and experienced nose surgeon is very important; and it is also very important to review the doctor's sample before rhinoplasty.
4How long does rhinoplasty take time?
Depending on the type of nose, and the technique used by the surgeon, a rhinoplasty typically can last between 1-3 hours.
5How much does rhinoplasty cost in Iran? Is it less than other countries?
With some research you can find that the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is much lower in other countries. The cost is 70% to 300% less than the price of Rhinoplasty in Europe, Turkey, Qatar and the United States. Now, you may ask if there is a low price due to the low quality of rhinoplasty in Iran?! We must say that this is not the case, and the Iranian cosmetic surgeons are very experienced and skilled, making Tehran the capital of rhinoplasty.
6Can rhinoplasty change your voice?
It should be said that rhinoplasty (considered as a nasal cosmetic surgery) restricts nasal cavities and can change vocal sounds and Individuals professionally singing should be aware of possible changes.
7What happens to the nose after rhinoplasty? Can I feel my nose after surgery?
Most nasal swabs disappear during the first three to four weeks; but these problems are transient and will be resolved very soon. Also after rhinoplasty, you will need to avoid injury to your nose for about 3 months.
8Does any insurance company pay for rhioplasty?
Some health insurance companies will pay for septoplasty or nose job surgeries which are performed to correct genetic deformities such as cleft palate. In this case, you have to contact your health insurer to make if they cover your costs or not. It is better to make sure of the financial problems before the operation and not leaving it for after the nose job surgery.
9Can you have rhinoplasty if you are pregnant?
You can’t have a rhinoplasty if you are pregnant, and even if you just had a baby you have to wait till a reasonable time and then have a nose job. Most rhinoplasty surgeons claim that pregnancy will have no effect on rhinoplasty and can become pregnant under the supervision of a specialist immediately after rhinoplasty and after their recovery has ended. Some rhinoplasty surgeons believe that pregnancy after 4 to 6 months of rhinoplasty has no effect on rhinoplasty.On the other hand, the waiting time for pregnancy after rhinoplasty depends on your person's recovery process and the medications you are taking. Nose surgeons usually prescribe analgesics, which may cause a little disruption when attempted treatment. In order to have a healthy pregnancy after rhinoplasty, it is also advised to wait a week after the end of the drug treatment.
10Can you have a rhinoplasty with allergies?
It is better to have a nose job during the seasons that your allergies are milder like Summer and in some people’s case Winter. Spring and autumn are unfortunately the seasons when many people’s allergies recur. Runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes are some of the common cases at this time of year. These problems are rarely annoying; but can be very upsetting when having a nose job surgery. Usually before a nose job surgery, the patient’s allergy history is gathered to explain the postoperative care needed to the patient. Steroid medications and anti-obstruction sprays can help reduce allergy symptoms to some extent. In some cases, the use of these drugs interferes with the outcome of surgery and the healing process. Therefore, rhinoplasty is best done when a person is experiencing milder symptoms of allergies. In most cases, there are solutions for patients with allergies so that this complication does not affect the outcome of their surgery.
11What happens if you catch a cold after rhinoplasty?
If a person develops a cold during recovery from rhinoplasty, their recovery time will be a little hard. But there are always some ways to ease your pain and discomfort during a hard time! There are several ways to deal with the symptoms of the common cold and speed up the healing process. Side effects of rhinoplasty, such as swelling and inflammation of the tissues around the nose, can make it worse for colds, obstruction, and nasal congestion. Sometimes surgeons give a nasal spray solution of water and salt to help relieve nasal congestion. They usually tell their patients not to blow their noses. Blowing in the nose can cause the stitches to open. If you have a runny nose due to a cold after rhinoplasty, gently wipe your nose with a soft cloth. Even if you have itchy nose, be very careful not to rub your nose. It is best to prevent sneezing but if you had to sneeze, do it with an open mouth. Also keep in mind that you shouldn’t take any medicine without consulting with your specialist. Some medications interfere with the healing process. Medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin are by no means suitable for post-rhinoplasty. And at last, drink as much as you can! And don’t forget soups!
12What things are better to eat after rhinoplasty?
Diet has a great impact on the recovery process after rhinoplasty. The human body is rebuilding wounds and injuries caused by surgical incisions after each surgery; during which time the body is exposed to infection. By delivering nutrients to the body, the maximum functionality of the body can be maintained. The best option during the recovery period is to eat light and healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Include fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet.


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