Niayesh Hotel

Niayesh Boutique Hotel is located in a historical and cultural region of Shiraz the city of literature, culture and civilization. The history of this property goes farther than 100 years ago when the literature Association of Shiraz was held there and the first publishing house imprinted the first newspaper in Shiraz.
The traditional style of Iranian architecture and carpentry was respected while building this house, the quaint building to which no vehicle can reach from 150 m around it. For this reason, the atmosphere of non-pollution will be a great remedy for minds and takes us back to years ago.
Another big plus is the special hushing courtyard of this house which is a discriminate collection of flowers, large trees and colored windows. The pool and fountain amidst it and the red fishes bring a mind-evoking memory of peace.
Thanks to Niayesh boutique hotel’s special architecture, the need to air-conditioning apparatuses is decreased.
Being located among the cultural complex of museums, mosques, churches, synagogues, monasteries and ancient fire temples, Niayesh is inspiring as a new experience.
Niayesh Boutique Hotel is located in Shiraz downtown among the historical and cultural complex of museums, mosques, churches, synagogues, monasteries, and ancient fire temples. All these together in one neighborhood help this region to be a rich and unique cultural historical spot in Iran. During the previous century, Haj Mirza Mahmud-e Adib-e Mostafavi held the Literature Association of Shiraz in this property by inviting a group of scholars and elites such as Shouride-ye Shirazi.
They obliged a remarkable service to the Persian literature such as compilation and rectification of Sa’di’s works, the master of Persian prose and Hafez’ Divan, the spiritual Persian poet. After the first publishing house of Shiraz was established in this property, a great number of cultural activities such as the imprint of the first newsppaper in Shiraz accomplished there.